3 november 2018


On the road to recovery

It’s been a long time since I posted something here and I guess it’s time to write a little about my last two years, it’s been quite a ride!

In November 2016 I went on a splitboard tour with seven other guys and two professional guides in the Austrian Alps. What should have been a few days of mellow touring in the mountains turned into a nightmare. On our ascent we were completely surprised by a large avalanche, that hit four members of our group including me.¬†Sadly two of us didn’t survive the accident and me and one of the guide sustained heavy injuries. With a ruptured spleen and kidney, two collapsed lungs, a broken back, arm, shoulder and hip and multiple damaged nerves, it’s a miracle I’m still alive and I will be forever grateful to the doctors and my group members that saved my life!

After countless hours of hospitals, rehab centres and physiotherapy I regained much of my strength, but due to the nerve damage the road to recovery is very long and still takes a lot of my time and energy. Hopefully in a few months the lost functions will return! At the same time I did manage to already pick up my life and start doing work again for my very supportive friends of Melkweg and Timboektoe. The last few months I’m starting to work on new projects again as well like Herberg Boschoord, Podium Victorie and Volkshotel and I’m so happy that I can still do this type of work! Hopefully I will soon have time and energy to write down the longs version of this story, for now thanks so much for reading and perhaps speak soon!

On the beach of Vlieland

On the beach of Vlieland