4 januari 2016


New year, new move!

Happy 2016 everyone!

Hope you had a great festive season. I sure did, filled with family, friends, dogs, lots of good food and drinks. For me January is always a month of contemplation and change and this year I’ve decided to expand my freelance activities and quit my day job! It has always been a dream for me to be my own boss and the time has come. Woohoo!

In the last three years I’ve been doing marketing and communication for music venue the Melkweg in Amsterdam, while doing lots of side activities like bookings and marketing at beach venue Timboektoe, bookings and PR at booking agency Boomerang Bookings and some on and off communication gigs. To be honest it’s been hard to keep it all going and take the necessary steps to have all these things grow at their full potential. Therefor I think it was about time to create some space for this!

Luckily Melkweg is happy to have me continue doing projects on a freelance basis, which is awesome. Melkweg might be the coolest venue in Holland and it’s been hard to make the decision to quit, so I’m very stoked about that. Next to these projects I will be working on Timboektoe’s 20th anniversary which is coming up this summer and we have some great things coming up with Boomerang.

But, this is also a time to expand my horizon and see what else is out there. So if you’re reading this and you think: “Hey, this guy is just what I’m looking for for my project”, give me a shout! I’m very keen to take up new opportunities and I’m open for anything!

Bring it on 2016, I’m going in!

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